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Hey everyone~

So I beat Fable yesterday, it was an easy fun game! Now I just have to go back and beat all the side quests and stuff. Like banging marrying Lady Grey.
My thoughts on the game itself were that it was easy but had a good story line. Jack of Blades amused me but he was such a hard boss fight, killed me 6 times. Other than that, I took the good path, who here has beaten the game on the good and the bad paths and could tell me the difference?

Also RL- work is work blah. For those of you who don't know, I work at a burger king here in my city, is a fun fast paced job. I do'nt know if I could ever work somewhere slow again cause its boring. I know when it's slow at my work I just do a ton of cleaning lol

Other than work stuff I feel as though I'm losing more weight again! YAY! (I was about 250lbs, now I'm somewhere between 200-210lbs, still trying to get that number down.) I need a good ddr machine though cause thats what was helping me the most. I'm just trying to stay on the eating healthy track and hoping that it helps me as much as it can.

Anyone have helpful suggestions for breaking a weight barrier? Because I've been stuck in this range for a good 2-4months and I want out of it and I want to reach my ultimate goal (which btw is 150lbs). Anyways, I'm out now, at least I remembered to update this thing.
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